Back Yard Campground

Tent camping on the banks of
beautiful Crab Creek

Penrose, nc
We book our sites through airbnb or vrbo (your choice), to assure that you have accurate information on sites and availability.  This also streamlines your check-in process. Exact address and phone are given to you once you have reserved a site, as per their policies. We also offer a 1 BR apt. (Selah) thru both sites!
              campsite #1
             campsite #2
         campsite #3
       campsite #4
    campsite #5
 Blue Ridge Bungalow
     Selah                                vrbo

                                         campsite #1
                                     campsite #2
                                 campsite #3
                             campsite #4
                          campsite #5
                   Blue Ridge Bungalow

Backyard camping north carolina


We are a small, private campground.

Please review Back Yard Campground Rules
• All vehicles must register before entering the campground.
• All campers must sign a liability waiver. Parents or guardians must sign for minors.
• All sites for small or medium tents.  4 persons total per site.
• Quiet time: 11 pm to 7 am. All vehicles must be parked & remain parked after 11 pm.
• No Pets.
• No littering. No cans in fire rings.  No glass bottles. No hard liquor.
• No ATVs or dirt bikes • No fireworks • No firearms
• Property lines will be shown and crossing these lines will be trespassing.  NO TRESPASSING.
• Do not cut, mar or damage trees.
• Fires must be contained in fire ring, never left unattended, and fully extinguished before leaving camp..  Local fire bans will be respected
• Damages to premises or equipment will be charged to those responsible.
• Camping Check Out Time: 1:00 PM
• Non-compliance can result in eviction from campground.  No money will be refunded.
Our private residence and barn area with lawn maintenance equipment are off limits.

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